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Image of the top 10 21st Century Skills listed with a young woman dressed professionally, smiling, and arms crossed.

The Skills Employers are Looking for in Employees

Besides computer and other technical skills, employers are in need of employees who posses the employability skills required to successfully perform their daily duties and responsibilities. In short, employability skills are the knowledge, habits, and character traits necessary to succeed in this rapidly changing world. Just like any other subject, these skills can be taught, practiced, and incorporated into everyone's life. Now, in the 21st Century, more than ever, employers are seeking candidates who have the following 10 employability skills:

1. Adaptability

2. Analysis/Solution Mindset (Problem Solving)

3. Collaboration

4. Communication

5. Digital Fluency (Good with Technology)

6. Empathy

7. Entrepreneurial Mindset

8. Resilience

9. Self-Awareness

10. Social/Diversity Awareness

Students can earn a digital badge/certificate in each of these 10 skills which demonstrates competency in these skills to employers. This can be the difference between a student receiving a job or not and being able to maintain it. Please visit our building B, B-8 registration office at our Santa Ana College Adult Education Center location at 1530 W. 17th St., Santa Ana or call (714) 564-6173 for more information. Please view the schedule for the 21st Century Employability Skills currently being offered.

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​Resume & Portfolio

As part of the Employability Skills course, students also develop a resume, digital portfolio (on Portfolium), LinkedIn profile, and participate in mock job interviews. Student receiving guidance from the instructor on how to construct a resume and prepare for an interview.

Validity of Employability Skills

The New World of Work (NWoW) worked closely with businesses, of various industries and sectors, to identify the employability skills that are most in demand by employers. Based on their research and partnership with businesses, they identified the top 10 21st Century Skills and developed curriculum for California Community Colleges to teach in their classrooms. We are one of 35 community colleges in California that have adopted NWoW 21st Century Employability Skills curriculum.  










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