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Our goal is to provide high-quality and service-oriented support for our students, faculty and staff in a timely fashion.

  • The SAC Budget Office provides comprehensive budget and financial management to campus departments
  • We work hand in hand with our departments and divisions in the development of our campus budget through our Resource Allocation Request process.
    We work closely with the District Fiscal Services Department in preparation of Tentative and Adopted Budget and annual Audits.
  • We provide budget analysis and quarterly performance budget updates to SAC Planning and Budget committee to ensure clear concise communication to our campus community.
  • We provide training, technical assistance and support to our departments and divisions with all aspects of planning, budgeting and monitoring for expenditures.
  • The SAC Budget Office reviews budget changes, account requests and transfer of expenditures.
  • We support Student Learning Outcomes by continually developing and updating processes and procedures that support our dynamic college community.
  • Our team provides comprehensive accounting support and annual audit preparation to the SAC College Foundation and Scholarship offices.
  • We serve as a resource, support and liaison to our departments and divisions regarding grants and mandated state guidelines to ensure compliance.
Administrative Services facilitates the efficient and effective utilization of college resources to further the educational mission of the college. We work proactively with all college constituents to integrate our professional expertise in the areas of Fiscal Management, and Facilities & Operations to design and implement working solutions to operational and academic challenges.  Our services aim to meet students, faculty, staff and community members' needs and enable their goal attainment in a constantly changing environment.
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