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The California Community College Chancellor's Office, California Board of Registered Nursing, and Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, have approved a Concept-Based Curriculum that was implemented in Spring 2017 for first semester and phased into subsequent semesters. New students entering first semester in Spring 2017 or after, please see below two year pathway. 


Two Year Pathway - Concept Based Curriculum 

Concept-Based Curriculum

A major curriculum change was implemented in the first semester in Spring 2017. The faculty reviewed the original curriculum and decided that a CONCEPT-BASED CURRICULUM (CBC) would benefit our students along with decreasing the number of units to 70 in keeping with the State of California's desire to decrease total units. The CBC focuses on the major concepts involved in nursing practice. The students are asked to think more globally and apply those concepts to different but similar situations. There is more focus on "what the nurse will do" (implementations).

Using a conceptual approach to nursing education promotes a decrease in excessive curriculum content and utilizes concepts to more efficiently distribute pertinent information, enhances student participation, and develops critical thinking skills. The curriculum allows students to learn nursing concepts in depth with greater emphasis on nursing implementations through exemplars to showcase specific diseases. It helps students link concepts that are related, discover patterns, apply new knowledge and integrate it with existing knowledge that is transferable in other contexts to prepare them for the rapid changes that occur in healthcare.

To assist in learning the new content, the teaching strategies changed to a learner- focused environment. Students come to class prepared to discuss what they have learned and put into action the implementations they will do as a nurse.

To support this kind of learning, the program adopted an e-textbook system by Lippincott, including on-line searchable books, streaming videos, and virtual simulations. The same textbook system will be used throughout the program. Thus, the cost of the system (approximately $1300) will be the only required textbook cost in the program. 

The CBC curriculum is set up in a series of courses over four 16-week semesters (see below). The course descriptions are published and the curriculum was implemented following approval of the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, the California Board of Registered Nursing, and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

Concept-Based Curriculum Courses and Sequencing (listed format)

First Year

First Semester

First these courses for 8 weeks:

  • NRN 160 Introduction to Pharmacology   (1 unit)
  • NRN 161 Principles of Nursing Practice    (2 units)
  • NRN 161L Principles of Nursing Practice Lab (2.5 units)

Then these courses for 8 weeks:

  • NRN 162 Pharmacology (1.5 units)
  • NRN 163 Simple Concepts (3 units)
  • NRN 163L Simple Concepts Lab (2.5 units)

Second Semester

First these courses for 7 weeks:

  • NRN 164 Family Health Concepts (2 units)
  • NRN 164L Family Health Concepts Lab (2 units)

Then these courses for 9 weeks:

  • NRN 165 Health & Illness Concepts (2.5 units)
  • NRN 165L Health & Illness Concepts Lab (2.5 units)


Second Year

Third Semester

First these courses for 6 weeks:

  • NRN 261 Mental Health Concepts (1.5 units)
  • NRN 261L Mental Health Concepts Lab (1.5 units)

Then these courses for 10 weeks:

  • NRN 262 Acute Concepts (3 units)
  • NRN 262L Acute Concepts Lab (3 units)

Fourth Semester

First these courses for 12 weeks:

  • NRN 263 Complex Concepts (3.5 units)
  • NRN 263L Complex Concepts Lab (2.5 units)

Then this course for 4 weeks:

  • NRN 264L Preceptorship (2.5 units)





 Updated 7/12/18

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