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Sample Registration Work Sheet


13th Grade​ ​
First Semester​ ​Second Semester
Math 080 or 140
English 101
Engineering 051 (Basic Tech Drawing)*
Engineering 148 (Intro to Engineering)
Engineering 183 ( Auto CAD I)
Alternate: Job Shadowing​
Math 160
History 118
Geography 101
Engineering 122 or 125**
Engineering 184 (Auto CAD II)
Alternate: Summer School
14th Grade​ ​
First Semester​ ​Second Semester
Political Science 101
Spanish 101
Engineering 185 (Auto CAD III)
Engineering 114 (Geometric Dimensioning)
Engineering Elective***
Alternate: Internship​
Philosophy 111
Business 106
Engineering 186 (Auto CAD 3-D Drawing)
Engineering Elective: ***
Alternate: Internship​
 * Students with articulated high school drafting should take Engineering 122 instead

** If students takes 122 or 125 during the first semester another course may be selected from 14th Grade classes or Recommended Electives. (See College Catalog)

*** Student should consult engineering department chair for elective recommendations. (See College Catalog)
Note to students:  This is a RSCCD sample registration plan. See a RSCCD Counselor before registration.