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California State Board of Pharmacy

​The California State Board of Pharmacy has established procedures for the licensing of pharmacy technicians. To work as a pharmacy technician in the state of California, you must have a current pharmacy technician license.

Licensing is not required for persons working as pharmacy clerks or pharmacy assistants.

You can apply for a pharmacy technician license with the California State Board of Pharmacy if:

  • You are at least 18 years of age, and
  • You have a high school diploma or GED, and
  • You have a valid Social Security number, and
  • You pass a criminal background check (done with Live Scan fingerprints), and
  • You meet at least one of the following criteria :

Have completed a course of training specified by the California Board of Pharmacy in section 1793.6 of State Board of Pharmacy Rules and Regulations. 
This requirement can be fulfilled by successfully completing either:
The SAC Basic Certificate Option

         PHAR 048 Introduction to Pharmacy Technology
         PHAR 051 Body Systems I
         PHAR 052 Body Systems II
         PHAR 054 Pharmacy Calculations 
         PHAR 056 Pharmacy Operations
         PHAR 072 Externship (80 hour outpatient rotation only)

or the SAC Advanced Certificate Option

         PHAR 048 Introduction to Pharmacy Technology
         PHAR 051 Body Systems I
         PHAR 052 Body Systems II
         PHAR 054 Pharmacy Calculations 
         PHAR 056 Pharmacy Operations
         PHAR 057 Inpatient Pharmacy Services
         PHAR 060 Sterile Products
         PHAR 072 Externship (all three rotations:  320 hours)

Students should apply for their licenses as soon as they have completed the Basic Certificate option.  While waiting to receive their licenses, students are strongly encouraged to continue with their coursework to complete the Advanced Certificate.  Having the Advanced Certificate will open up many more job opportunities!

Have obtained an Associate degree in Pharmacy Technology.
Have graduated from a school of pharmacy recognized by the Board.
Are certified by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). (Applicants who qualify by this option without also completing a training program often have difficulty getting a job.  The PTCB exam is a computer-based test of basic kNGOISnowledge.  Employers want to know that you also have the technical skills and hands-on experience required for the job!)
Apply for a Pharmacy Technician license:
Download complete information and the license application the from the California State Board of Pharmacy web site by clicking here. 
On the application, you will be required to document your qualifications for licensing. You will also have to answer questions regarding current or past drug/alcohol abuse, mental disorders, convictions of law violations, etc.

The Board of Pharmacy, in its duty to protect the public health and safety, can deny a license to any person deemed to be unfit to practice as a pharmacy technician.

In addition to the completed application, the Board will require you to submit:

Live Scan fingerprints, which are screened by the state Dept of Justice
A recent photograph
A check or money order for your registration fee.
If you will be using your training at SAC to qualify for the license, please submit all three completed pages of the application, with your picture attached, to the Pharmacy Technology office (H-208).  Dr. Askew will fill in the section entitled "Affidavit of Completed Coursework or Graduation" and attach the department seal.  You will then mail the completed application and supporting materials to the Board of Pharmacy.

If you have questions about a pending pharmacy technician license application, send an e-mail to: 

Pharmacy Technician License Renewal:

Pharmacy technician licenses must be renewed every two years.  Currently, pharmacy technicians are not required to complete any continuing education hours to renew their licenses.  (Note that the PTCB does require continuing education to renew your CPhT certification.)

Four to six weeks before your license expires, you should receive a renewal notice.  These notices are sent to the "address of record" that you submitted to the Board on your license application. 

If you move, be sure to inform the Board of your new address! 
By law, you have just 30 days after you move to notify the Board.  Address change forms are available on the Board's web site.  You can access the form by clicking on the underlined sentence above.

Send the renewal form and fee back to the Board of Pharmacy as soon as possible.  There is no grace period on license renewals.  If your license renewal has not been fully processed before the expiration date of your old license, it is not legal for you to work as a pharmacy technician.  Your employer may be forced to send you home without pay. 

You can check the expiration date of your license and verify that a renewal has been processed by checking this link on the Board of Pharmacy's web site.

If you fail to renew your license within 60 days of the expiration date, even if you didn't get the renewal notice because the Board had an old address, your license will be cancelled.  Cancelled licenses cannot be renewed.  You will have to start the original license application process all over again.

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