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Reading DLAs

Reading N50

Read N50-1 Finding Patterns in Errors
Read N50-2 Thinking About My Skills
Read N50-3 Using the Dictionary
Read N50-4 Spelling Practice

Reading N80

Read N80-1 How to Use a Dictionary
Read N80-2 Multiple Meanings in a Dictionary
Read N80-3 Examining My Skills as a Student
Read N80-4 Using Spell City
Read N80-5 Main Idea
Read N80-6 Inference
Read N80-7 Outlining
Read N80-8 Using Flashcards
Read N80-9 More Practice w/a Dictionary
Read N80-10 Topic/MI/& Details

Reading N90

Read 90-1 Registering for My Reading Lab
Read 90-2 My Reading Lab Assignments
Read 90-3 Reading for Concepts
Read 90-4 Reading About Science
Read 90-5 Not available
Read 90-6 Not available
Read 90-7 Not available
Read 90-8 Ultimate Speed Reader Use
Read 90-9 Not available
Read 90-10 My Reading Lab
Read 90-11 Not available
Read 90-12 My Reading Lab Assessment

Reading 102

Read 102-1 Analyzing My Skills as a Student
Read 102-2 Get to Know Your Textbook
Read 102-3 Word Parts
Read 102-4 Summarizing
Read 102-5 Annotating
Read 102-6 Not available at this time
Read 102-7 Not available at this time
Read 102-8 Not available at this time
Read 102-9 Not available not available at this time