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English for Multilingual Speakers (EMLS) DLAs

EMLS - General

EMLS GEN 1 - Focus on Grammar
EMLS GEN 2 - Langan Sentence Skills


EMLS 055   

 EMLS 055-1 Listening and Speaking
 EMLS 055-2 Nouns
 EMLS 055-3 Simple Past vs. Present Perfect
 EMLS-4 Verb Tenses Using English Mastery
 EMLS-5 Parts of Speech
EMLS 107
EMLS 107-2 Plural Nouns
EMLS 107-3 Non-Count Nouns
EMLS 107-3 Non-Count Nouns
EMLS 107-4 Subject-Verb Agreement 
EMLS 107-5 Verb Tenses
EMLS 107-6 Verbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions
EMLS 107-7 Future Time Clause
EMLS 107-8 Phrasal Verbs
EMLS 107-9 Passive Voice
EMLS 107-10 Infinitive and Gerund
EMLS 107-11 Irregular Verbs
EMLS 109
EMLS 109-1  Adverb Clauses
EMLS 109-2  Past Participle
EMLS109-3   Cause and Effect
EMLS 109-9 Parallel Structure
EMLS 109-10 Comma Splice 7 Run-Ons
EMLS 109-11 Correcting Structure
EMLS 109-12 Coordinating & Subordination
EMLS 109-13 Irregular Verbs
EMLS 109-14 Parallel Structure
EMLS 109-15 Focus & Structure in Writing


EMLS 110

EMLS 110-1 Pre-writing, Part 1: Lists, Clustering
EMLS 110-2 Pre-writing, Part 2: Questioning
EMLS 110-3A Pre-writing Part 3: Scratch Outline
EMLS 110-3B Outlining and Writing
EMLS 110-4 Topic Sentences
EMLS 110-5A Supporting Sentences
EMLS 110-5B Conclusions
EMLS 110-6A Developing Details
EMLS 110-6B Using Transition Words
EMLS 110-7 Organizing Your Paragraph
EMLS 110-8 Unity & Parallel Structure
EMLS 110-9A Fragments
EMLS 110-9B Run-ons
EMLS 110-10 Grammar: Commas & Semi-Colons
EMLS 110-11 Compound Sentences
EMLS 110-12A Proofreading and Editing
EMLS 110-12B Proofreading and Editing Pt. 2
EMLS 110-13A Adjectives
EMLS 110-13B Adverbs
EMLS 110-14A Email and Correspondence
EMLS 110-14B Resumes
EMLS 110-15 Transitions
EMLS 110-16 Conditional Sentences
EMLS 110-17 Six Uses of Commas
EMLS 110-50 Present Perfect Tense
EMLS 110-51 Subject-Verb Agreement
EMLS 110-52 Using the Past Perfect

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