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English DLAs

English 60
ENG 60-1 Sentence Skills Pretest 
ENG 60-2 Comma Splices & Run –Ons
ENG 60-3 Prepositional Phrases
ENG 60-4 Capital Letters (Sosta Only)
ENG 60-5 Paragraph Writing
ENG 60-6A Nouns, Pronouns, and their Modifiers
ENG 60-6B Verbs and their Modifiers
ENG 60-6C Prepositions
ENG 60-7 Study Skills for Composition
ENG 60-9 Parallel Structure
ENG 60-10 Commonly Confused Words (Sosta Only)
ENG 60-11 Verb-Tense Consistency
ENG 60-12 Sentence Skills Post-test
ENG 60-13 Fragments (same as EMLS 110-9A)
ENG 60-14 Combining Sentences (same as EMLS 110-11)


English 61

ENG 61-1 How to Write a Summary
ENG 61-2 Prewriting Techniques
ENG 61-3 Thesis Statements
ENG 61-4 Everything about MLA
ENG 61-5 Sentence Skills Pretest
ENG 61-6 Common Confusable Words
ENG 61-7 Prepositional Phrases
ENG 61-8 Review of Grammar Fundamental: Phrases, Clauses, and Sentences
ENG 61-9 Simple Sentences
ENG 61-10 Compound Sentences
ENG 61-11 Sentence Fragments
ENG 61-12 Essay Exams
ENG 61-13 Complex Sentences
ENG 61-14 Commonly Confused Words Homonyms (Sosta Only)
ENG 61-15 Compound Complex Sentence & Conjunctive Adverbs
ENG 61-16 Beginning Research
ENG 61-17 Sentence Skills Post-test
ENG 61-18 Recognizing and Correcting Comma Splices and Run-Ons
ENG 61-19 Fragments
ENG 61-20 Run-Ons and Comma Splices
ENG 61-21 Active Reading #1
ENG 61-22 Active Reading #2
ENG 61-23 Sentence Types (Sosta Only)
ENG 61-24 Commas (Sosta Only)


English 101

ENG 101-1 Annotating and Active Reading
ENG 101-2 Subject-Verb Agreement
ENG 101-3 Run-Ons and Comma-Splices
ENG 101-4 Combing Sentences
ENG 101-5 Conducting Research
ENG 101-6 MLA Citation & Formatting
ENG 101-7 Paraphrasing
ENG 101-8 Writing Effective Thesis Statements
ENG 101-9 Creating Outlines
ENG 101-10 Revising an Essay (requires student to bring in essay that s/he is working on and revise it as part of the  DLA)
ENG 101-11 Sentence Fragments
ENG 101-12 Essay Writing
ENG 101-13 Notecards
ENG 101-14 Summary Activity
ENG 101-15 Outline Activity
ENG 101-16 Interview Activity
ENG 101-17 Compound Sentences & Complex Sentences
ENG 101-18 Fragments


English 103


ENG 103-1 Logical Fallacies

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