Computer Science Club

The computer science club is dedicated in helping Computer Science - centric majors in becoming involved with coding endeavors past the classroom environment. We partake in basic tutoring and other projects to allow students to familiarize themselves with coding and apply the skill learned here to the university level. By collaborating as a club, students are training to work together and doing so serves as an important skill when the goal and nature of computer science is to further advance technology.

Club Officers

President Thanh Tran
Vice President Thong Nguyen
Seretary Vivian Huynh
Treasurer Angie
ICC Rep. Jessica Nguyen

Meeting Time


Friday: 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM


FALL 2022: Programming with Arduino
SPRING 2023: Program CrazyFlie Nano Drone
To Be Announced: Unity Video Game Design


FALL 2022: Financial Aid Presentation
To Be Announced: Guest Speaker
To Be Announced: International Booth
To Be Announced: Tour of Digital Media Center
To Be Announced: Drone Workshop
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