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1.  Requirements for wireless access to the Internet on the SAC campus:

  • Valid, current enrollment in the SAC credit program
  • Laptops with latest MS Windows operating system, Macs with latest 10.x operating system, or mobile devices with latest operating system

2.  Configure your wireless connection per these general guidelines:

  • Make sure you are within the wireless covered area
  • Detect and connect to "SAC-Student" wireless network

3.  Access the Internet using your WebAdvisor ID and password. 

You received your web ID earlier and used it to register for classes online. The web ID is the initials of your first and last name plus 5 random numbers. For example: FL54932
If you do not remember your web ID or password please go to, find the "What's My User ID?" link at the bottom of the screen and follow the instructions.
If you are prompted with "Cannot Verify Server Identity" or "There is a problem with this website's security certificate" message box, please select "Continue..." option.