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Santa Ana College inspires, transforms, and empowers a diverse community of learners.


1. Communication Skills

a. Listening and Speaking

Student will listen actively and respectfully to analyze the substance of others’ comments. Students will speak in an understandable and organized fashion to explain their ideas, express their feelings, or support a conclusion

b. Reading and Writing

Students will read effectively and analytically and will comprehend at a college level. Students will write in an organized and grammatically correct fashion to explain their feelings and support a conclusion.

2. Thinking and Reasoning

Student will identify and analyze real or potential “problems” and develop, evaluate, and test possible solutions using creative thinking, analysis and synthesis, quantitative reasoning, and/or transfer of knowledge and skills to a new context as appropriate.

a. Creative Thinking

Students will develop the skills to formulate original ideas and concepts in addition to integrating those of others in the creative process.

 b. Critical Thinking

Students will think logically in solving problems; explaining their conclusions; and evaluating, supporting, or critiquing the thinking of others.

 c. Ethical Reasoning

Students will demonstrate an understanding of ethical issues that will enhance their capacity for making sound judgments and decisions.

 d. Quantitative Reasoning

Students will use college-level mathematical concepts and methods to understand, analyze and explain issues in quantitative terms.

3. Information Competency

a. Information Competency

Students will do research at a level
that is necessary to achieve personal,
professional and educational success.
They will use print material and
technology to identify research needs,
seek, access, evaluate and apply information
effectively and responsibly.


b. Technology Competency

Students will use technology learning
tools and technology applications at a
level appropriate to achieve discipline specific
course requirements and
standards. Demonstrated skills might
include, but are not limited to: word
processing and file management; use
or development of simulations, web
pages, databases; graphing calculators;

4. Diversity

Students will develop individual responsibility personal integrity, and respect for diverse peoples and cultures of the world.

a. Cultural

Students will respect and work with diverse people including those with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds and different abilities.

 b. Social

Students will interact with individuals and within groups with integrity and awareness of others’ opinions, feelings and values.

 c. Environmental

Students will demonstrate an understanding of ethical issues that will enhance their capacity for making decisions and sound judgments about the environment.

5. Civic Responsibility

Students will take personal responsibility for becoming informed, ethical and active citizens of their community, their nation and their world.

6. Life Skills

a. Creative Expression

Students will produce artistic and creative expressions.

 b. Aesthetic Appreciation

Students will respond to artistic and creative expressions.

 c. Personal Growth

Students will demonstrate habits of intellectual exploration, personal responsibility, and practical and physical well-being.

 d. Interpersonal Skills

Students will participate effectively in teams, committees, task forces, and in other group efforts to make decisions and seek consensus.

7. Careers

Students will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to select and develop careers.

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