Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Below are outside organizations which each respectively have their own applications, criteria, deadlines, etc.  Please note that each of these organizations has their own staff/personnel available for questions and information regarding their scholarship offerings, please follow the below links for any scholarship and contact information:


The 20 Million Minds Foundation.                                                                         Click here for website.

The Goldber & Osborne's Don't Text & Drive Scholarship. October 15, 2014 Deadline. Click here for website.

The Levin Firm Scholarship - January 31, 2015 Deadline.                                       Click here for website.

Boling Rice, LLC Scholarship - January 15, 2015 Deadline.                                    Click here for website.

Admiral Pest Control Scholarship - May 31, 2015 Deadline.                                   Click here for website. 

Outstanding Law Student Scholarship 2015 - July 15, 2015 Deadline.                     Click here for website.

Dentistry Scholarship - December 21, 2014 Deadline.                                                               Click here for website. 

TakeLessons.com. September 30, 2014 Deadline.                                                                    Click here for website.

Influence Print Scholarship. December 31, 2014 Deadline.                                                      Click here for website.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers Single Mothers' Scholarship - December 5, 2014 Deadline.                                                                                                                                               Click here for website.

WebHostingJams - August 15, 2014 Deadline.                                                                            Click here for website.

Perfect Patients - August 15, 2014 Deadline.                                                                                Click here for website.

Paymaster.co - July 31, 2014 Deadline.                                                                                          Click here for website.

Bridgat Technology Limited Scholarship - Oct 1, 2014 - Dec 31, 2014.                                   Click here for website.

DietSpotlight.com Scholarship - Dec 31, 2014.                                                                             Click here for website.

Tremblant Sunstar Annual Scholarship - Aug 15, 2014.                                                              Click here for website.

Penneco Invests in the Future of Energy Scholarship program.                                                Click here for website.                           

Orange County Community Foundation's 2014 scholarships - Various Deadlines.                                                                                                         Click here for website.    

The Drive To Learn Scholarship. May 1, 2015 Deadline.                                         Click here for website.


Old Scholarship Opportunities


CalCPA -  Orange County/Long Beach Chapter. Many Scholarships - April 1, 2014 Deadling.                                                                                                           Click here for website.

Futuro Brillante Scholarship - Buena Clinton Concilio de Padres - May 22, 2014 Deadline. For information click on the following document.Futuro Brillante.pdfFuturo Brillante.pdf

NASA Scholarships - May 16, 2014 Deadline.                                                      Click here for website.

PocketBook Scholarship - May 14, 2014 Deadline.                                               Click here for website.

The Console & Hollawell Paralegal Scholarship - July 15, 2014 Deadline.               Click here for website.