December 2006. The Spanish Empire and its Quest for Power and Legitimacy. Speech presented at the Honors Induction Ceremony. Santa Ana College Honors Alliance.

October, 2006. Film and Music as Instruments of Social Resistance in Cuba. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies. California State University, Dominguez Hills.
November, 2002.  Race, Diplomacy, and Economic Interests in Post-Colonial Latin America.  Paper presented at the Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies. East Los Angeles College.
April, 2002.  Politics and Race in Revolution: The Experience of Black Argentines during the Independence Era.  Paper presented at the Fifth Annual International Research and Education Forum.  California Polytechnic University.  Pomona, California.
March , 2001.  Urban Slavery in Colonial Argentina.  Paper presented at the Santa Ana College International Research Grant Series.
July, 1999.   Developing a Standardized Curriculum in Trilateral Education Agreements among the US, Canada and Mexico: Possible advantages and barriers. Paper presented at the Annual Conference for the International Consortium of Education and Economic Development (ICEED).  Villahermosa, Tabasco.  Mexico. 
April, 1999. Globalizing the Curriculum: Practical Suggestions and Applications.  Paper presented at the International Conference on Education and Economic Development.  Huntington Beach, California.