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CS104 Resume How-Tos

If you do not already have a resume, you can easily create one using Microsoft Word. Word has some easy to use Templates.
In MS Word the directions are as follows, with some slight adjustments depending on your version of MS

      • Open Word, select File from the menu bar and New
      • Scroll down to find Resumes from the template listing
      • Look through the variety of formats and select one that best suits your amount of experience and career objective.  Save the resume you like best.
      • Edit with your data and save your new resume file

During the course of the internship, I can help you edit and revise your resume.

Here are some good sites for some resume tips:

One thing to note - to give you an edge on a job, creating a webpage with a resume link and some other links showing off some of your work, might do the trick in
landing you the job! It is very easy to create a webpage from a Word document.

  • After creating your resume Word document, select File from the menu bar and Save As
  • On the "Save As" dialog box you'll see the "Save as type" under the filename. Scroll down this list to find "Web Page (*.htm ; *.html)"
  • Click Save
    • Do not have any spaces in the filename
    • Word will automatically add the correct webpage file extension of .htm
  • Now you are ready to upload your file to a webserver, many of which have webpage templates to use
  • There are many free webservers. Perhaps your ISP even offers you some free webspace on their server.
  • You may alsoo want to upload your resume to LinkedIn, a great professional network.