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CS104 Outline - Spring 2014 (#77986)

Cooperative Work Experience Education-Occupational CS104
Catalog Description / Course Objective: Supervised paid or volunteer experience in student’s major including new or expanded responsibilities. One unit credit for each 5 hours worked per week to a maximum of 4 units for 20 hours worked per week each semester. Limitation of 16 units in occupational cooperative education courses.
Requirements: Must be enrolled in a minimum of 7 units (includes CS104)
Credit / No Credit only: CS104 may be repeated to a maximum of 16 units in Cooperative Education coursework.
  • Main Learning Objective: Develop skills in a new aspect of a job which furthers the student’s occupational or educational goals. 
  • Additional Learning Objectives:
    • Improved Communication Skills
    • Effective Interviewing Techniques
    • Professional Resume Preparation
    • Improved Time Management Techniques
    • Gain Netiquette Skills
Textbook: None
Attendance & Grading: On the worksite, students must average, for an entire semester:  
​Units ​Hours ​Approx. hours per week
​1 ​75-149 ​5
​2 ​150-224 ​10
​3 ​225-299 ​15
​4 ​300-375 ​20
To assure student learning and employer objectives are met, learning objectives will be completed and reviewed for course credit by the on-site supervisor and the CS104 instructor.
Grading Determination: A grade of CR (credit) will be earned if:
  • Performance objectives are met
  • Required hours of work are met
  • Paperwork is submitted according to the CS104 student timeline
How to Contact the Instructor:
Name: Cherylee Kushida
Office: A-101-5 (Cesar Chavez building)
Phone: (714) 564-6766, please leave a message with your name, class (day/time) and phone #