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CTEA Projects

Workforce Council Members:

   - Please review the attached grant proposals on the links below. You can print them for your convenience.
   - Rating are due to Sue Gibson (copy to Bart)

CTEA Projects 2012-2013​
1.​ 5 Axis CNC Milling Machine - Nick Singh​
2.​ Accounting and Financial Services Internship Program Development - Earl Mitchell​
3.​ Accounting Software and Enhanced Technology Learning Systems - Earl Mitchell​
4.​ Assurance of Student Success and Access and Curriculum Continuance- Bruce Nichols​
5.​ Automotive Employment Enhancement through Third Party Certification - Glen Hammonds​
6.​ Bringing Advanced Technology to Our Education and Development Programs- Gwen Morgan-Beazell​
7.​ Business Division Disney College Program - Pepsi Internship - Rick Manzano​
8.​ Career Technical Education Counseling Career-Job Resources - Sandy Morris​
9.​ College-Wide CTEA Administration and Professional Development (REVISED) - Bart Hoffman​
10.​ CTE Project for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing - Monica Collins​
11.​ Development Enhancement of Engineering CAD Surveying Technology Robotics and Environmental Technology Programs - Craig Takahashi​
12.​ Development of an Environmental Technology Biological Technician Certificate Programs at SAC - Kathy Takahashi ​
13.​ Engine Lathes- Dietrich Kanzler​
14.​ Entertainment Lighting Technology Program Lab Upgrade - Valinda Tivenan​
15.​ Increasing Student Success through Technology Practical Experience - Madeline Grant​
16.​ Innovative Partnership and Students-Data-Tracking Website- KC Huynh​
17.​ Interactive Animated Lesson Plans to Teach Business Planning Managerial Accounting and Decision Making - Jinhee Trone​
18.​ Microsoft Office Specialist and Microsoft Technology Associate Certification Exams - Carol Lehrer​
19.​ New Noncredit Certificate Programs Leading to Entry Level Employment - Nilo Lipiz​
20.​ OTA Fieldwork - Michelle Parolise​
21.​ Paralegal Department - Rick Manzano​
22.​ Photography Proficiency Upgrade - Phil Marquez ​
23.​ Promote Academic Growth in Health Sciences - Mary Steckler ​
24.​ Revision Development of the SAC Fitness Specialist Certificate Program (REVISED)- Brian Sos​
25.​ Shear Project - George Moreno​
26.​ Supporting Student Access to Affordable Professional Career Development - Allen Dooley ​
27.​ Update Fashion Design Merchandising Computer Lab - Karen Conrad​
28.​ Virtual Office Professional Curriculum Development - Dena Montiel​