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Basic Skills Initiative (BSI) Taskforce

RSCCD Mission: The mission of the Rancho Santiago Community College District is to provide quality educational programs and services that address the needs of our diverse students and communities.

Santa Ana College Mission: The mission of Santa Ana College is to be a leader and partner in meeting the intellectual, cultural, technological and workforce development needs of our diverse community. Santa Ana College provides access and equity in a dynamic learning environment that prepares students for transfer, careers and lifelong intellectual pursuits in a global community.

Santa Ana College Vision Themes: I. Student Achievement; II. Use of Technology; III. Innovation; IV. Community; V. Workforce Development; VI. Emerging American Community.

The mission of the BASIC SKILLS INITIATIVE (BSI) is to ensure that all students have equal access to and success in quality programs, services and classes that will help them obtain and enhance their foundational skills, enabling them to achieve their academic and career goals.  

Many Santa Ana College students need to develop collegiate-level skills in mathematics and/or English in order to be successful college students. To support these students, Santa Ana College is participating in the Basic Skills Initiative (BSI), a grant funded and directed by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. The Santa Ana College Basic Skills Initiative Taskforce provides leadership for all basic skills development efforts at Santa Ana College.

This website provides BSI Taskforce governance information, and is organized according to five primary strands.
  • Taskforce Strand A: Organizational and Administrative Practices
  • Taskforce Strand B: Program Components
  • Taskforce Strand C: Staff Development
  • Taskforce Strand D: Instructional Practices
  • Taskforce Strand E: SCE (SAC School of Continuing Education)

Five-Year Goals for ESL/Basic Skills at SAC (October, 2012)

A. Create and implement integrated academic support services for all students with standardized training and evaluation of tutors in all learning centers. 
B. We will see a five-year increase of 5% in the number of students who advance from three or fewer levels below transfer to qualify for transfer-level mathematics.
C. The percentage of Freshman Experience Program (FEP) and Fast Track students who advance from two levels below transfer in math to qualify for a transfer-applicable mathematics course in one academic year will increase 7-10% over the next five years. 
The work of the BSI Taskforce closely follows the research and guidelines set forth by the State of California. This information may be found at the California Community College Basic Skills Initiative website. (
For more information about the Taskforce and its mission, please contact:
Mary Huebsch
Basic Skills Coordinator
Communication Studies Professor, Santa Ana College
714 (564-6541) or


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