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Library Standards of Conduct

​All Library users, students, staff, community card holders and visitors are expected to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct of the Board of Trustees of Rancho Santiago Community College District and to a standard of conduct that ensures a safe and appropriate environment for all who seek information and a quiet place to study.  Inappropriate behavior is not tolerated and will result in the revocation of library privileges and/or other penalties.
The library is not a place for socializing. 

Standards of Conduct:

  • No rowdiness, prolonged and/or loud conversations, intrusive/loud laughter; use of radios, CD, and other audio players with a volume loud enough to disturb others; and noisy group study in an open area.
  • No more than four students per study table.
  • No eating, drinking of any kind in the library.
  • No unattended children.
  • No animals (except for assistance companion dogs).
  • No weapons in the library.
  • No disorderly, indecent, or obscene conduct.
  • No conduct which threatens or endangers the health and safety of others and/or disrupts or interferes with library operations and/or the normal use of the library by others.
  • No unauthorized entry into or occupancy of any staff office or work room.
  • No dishonesty, including but not limited to, knowingly furnishing false information.
  • No theft, damage or mutilation of library property.
  • No unauthorized possession or use of any library property.

The Santa Ana College Nealley Library upholds the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Association.

Revised August 19, 2004

Copyright 2004, RSCCD Last updated 11/15/2011