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Research Workshop Fall 2012

Thank you for your interest in attending the Research Workshops.
Registration for the workshops is temporarily not available.
Registration for the remainder of the workshops will resume on Monday.
Please check back anytime on Monday.
If you have any questions please send an email to Prof. Pedroza:
Thank you.
Have a nice weekend.
Fall 2012: September 10 - November 30
  • All workshops are taught by SAC Faculty Librarians in the Library L-112-1
  • Each workshop is 60 minutes:

Find BooksFind ArticlesSearch the Internet

Research Workshop Calendar

​Session #


​Day ​Time ​Workshop ​Staff
​11/22/2012-11/25/2012 Thanksgiving Holiday
C316 11/26/2012 Monday 11:00 a.m ​Search the Internet SR ​CLOSED
B324 11/26/2012 Monday 5:30 p.m Find Books LM ​CLOSED
​A329 11/26/2012 Monday 6:45 p.m ​Find Articles ​LM ​CLOSED
​A330 11/27/2012 Tuesday 11:00 a.m ​Find Articles​ NY
B325 11/28/2012 Wednesday ​2:30 p.m​ ​​Find Books ​LP
​B326 11/29/2012​ Thursday​ 1:00 p.m​ ​Find Books ​LP
C317 ​11/30/2012 Friday ​9:30 a.m Search the Internet ​SA ​CLOSED
A331 11/30/2012 Friday ​10:45 a.m ​Find Articles​ SA ​CLOSED