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Fashion Design

  • Fashion Net
    Excellent fashion & beauty web site linking to many other web sites covering information on clothing (from jeans to haute couture), accessories, footwear, official web sites to fashion designers and labels, fashion schools, magazines of the trade, fashion shows, associations, as well as department stores and their fashion products.
  • Textile Dictionary
    Textile dictionary sponsored by the Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion & Design.
  • The Costume Page: Costuming Resources Online
    Provides access to "sites featuring primary and secondary sources for costume research including history of European and Western costume, ethnic and folk costume, garments, hairstyles, toiletries and accessories.
  • The History of Costume
    These costume designs of historical dress from antiquity to the 19th century were originally published as individual plates in a German magazine: "Munchener Bilderbogen", and were then bound into book form.  "An excellent source for students who are studying the history of fashion and for fashion designers."
  • Fashion Magazines
    Web access to national & international fashion publications.