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Confidentiality & Privacy Policy

​​Santa Ana College (SAC) encourages the use of the SAC Library Web site as a way to share information and knowledge in support of the college’s mission of education and community service. Our library Web site is owned by the Rancho Santiago Community College District and operated by SAC. While our site is publicly accessible, certain services and information offered online may be restricted to specific users or segments of the SAC population.

While using the SAC Library and its Web site, your privacy is an important element of your intellectual and academic freedom. In the course of providing services and circulating library materials, the library acquires information about you such as your name, college ID, and the services and materials you use. When it is necessary for the Library to identify users, it is our goal to gather only the minimum information necessary and to retain that information only as long as is needed to complete the transaction.


All library users are subject to the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, dated July 17, 1976 (20 U.S.C. Section 1232g); 34 CFR Part 99 (This Federal law pertains to student records).  State and Federal Law prohibit library staff from revealing the name of any patron who has borrowed an item or who currently has an item checked-out. 

In a library, the right to privacy is the right to open inquiry without having the subject of one’s interest examined or scrutinized by others.  Confidentiality exists when a library is in possession of personally identifiable information (PII) about users and keeps that information private on their behalf.

The Nealley Library in general subscribes to the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights


When users access SAC Library electronic resources that require a SAC ID, they are asked to supply a password.  It is important to know that this information will not be redistributed to any third party except under court order.  It will not be available internally except where necessary, nor will it be used to identify the individual’s usage of specific library resources. 

SAC Library collects site usage statistics from the library’s server logs and this data helps us manage and plan services but site usage statistics contain no personal information.  For quality control and security reasons, the Nealley Library servers will track basic information regarding visitors to the site, and their usage.  Log information on usage transactions are aggregated for statistical purposes and the logs discarded after the relevant information is extracted.  Access to information on transaction logs, prior to the routine discarding of such information, will be available to appropriate law enforcement agencies upon production of a court order.

August 19, 2004
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