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Business 150 (Spring 2011)

Course Involved: Business 150, Introduction to Computing and Application Software

Professor who participated: Cherylee Kushida

Number of students involved: 10


OUTCOMES OF ACTIVITY: Creation of an Excel spreadsheet and charts.

WHICH CORE COMPETENCY DID YOUR COURSE ACTIVITY SUPPORT (Communication Skills; Thinking and Reasoning; Information Management; Diversity; Civic Responsibility; Life Skills; Careers). Thinking and Reasoning; Information Management

DID YOUR COURSE ACTIVITY RELATE TO A COURSE SLO (STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOME)? Yes. Critical Thinking and Applied Knowledge of options and solutions.

STUDENT RESPONSES/COMMENTS RELATED TO COURSE ACTIVITY: “In completing this project I learned new techniques of excel, just by browsing around and messing with different features. I used old techniques I learned from previous assignments and applied them to this one. I made some changes to my spreadsheet after looking at my life time goals. I also found out that my life time dreams were thoughts secured in the back of my mind but never did I ever think of writing them down. Thank you for the opportunity to setting this up, I will definitely keep this in my files, and update them as new thoughts come along. “

“Dear professor, I read the book. Wow, it is amazing!!! It's a sad story, but it made me think and realize how precious life is. Keyword "Head Fake".”

“After watching that video it left me speechless. That video was such an eye opener telling me that you can literally do anything that you put your mind to. Not only that, it was an eye opener that anything could happen and bad things do happen to good people. I live my life to the point where I never take things for granted. I cherish every moment or every thing that I have or that has come into my life. To be honest this past year and a half I've been the happiest I've ever been in my life. Found my fiance, had another child, have my own family, my own place to call home, etc. Those are things that some people take for granted(and I know people that do) are everything I've ever wanted and more. So while doing this I kinda had to dig. I guess I've been so happy this short amount of time where it's unbelieveable to me that I've stopped myself with reaching for anything more. The one main thing I've always wanted and am going towards now is getting back to CSUF and getting my degree. But this really made me realize that I need to keep setting up goals for myself. Maybe I've stopped because I'm a stay at home mom of 2 and barely have time to think about myself let alone take a shower some days. Who knows. But this project made me realize that even though I'm mommy I need to have other goals also. My kids/family are my number 1 goal and there is no doubt about that. But I can't give up on anything else that comes to mind. So with all that being said. Thank you for this project, it is something that I will be doing every year to stay on top of myself and my goals. And hopefully down the line I can add more goals then I have now!!”

“I learned that within any time frame, with the right mindset, any goal, short-term or long-term, can be accomplished. Even if the goal isn't fully accomplished, other experiences within that goal can be completed. I didn't want to change any of my numbers because I felt that within a year my goal percentage will be different than my life time percentage. My eagerness to complete my goals will always change, if not for personal reasons, than for reasons we can't control.”

“I realized that most of my future goals are being supported by the activities that I am involved with today.I made few changes to my chart, but these change would not represent a radical change in my current schedule.”

FACULTY FEELINGS ABOUT SUCCESS OF ACTIVITY: Students enjoyed the extra credit and it got those that could spend the time on the video some time to think about their goals.  I saw quite a lot of reassessment and contemplation on short-term and long-term goals.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I thoroughly love this book and video and was happy to see it as a Book of the Year.  They both have their own impact.  Very useful book for many disciplines!

"​We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."