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Business (Fall 2011)

Course involved: BUS 150
Professor who participated: Cherylee Kushida
Number of students involved: 5
Method(s) used to incorporate book or themes of book w/students: Video and Reading

Outcomes of Activity: ​Creation of an Access database containing the student’s selection of items they would take if they had been forcefully evacuated.

Which core competency did your course activity support: (Communication Skills; Thinking and Reasoning; Information Management; Diversity; Civic Responsibility; Life Skills; Careers)? Thinking and Reasoning; Information Management

Did your course activity relate to a course SLO (student learning outcome)? Yes. Critical Thinking and Applied Knowledge of options and solutions.

Student responses/comments related to course activity:
”It's difficult to [put] oneself in a situation similar to the one that the Japanese people were put in; nevertheless, I've created a table with a list of the things that I believe I would have to bring with me if put in a similar situation. “

“This was a very easy assignment. I learned something new about the relocation of the Japanese while applying my learned skills in Access!”

Faculty feelings about success of activity:
Overall it went well for those students that participated.  I have an abundance of assigned work in my course and cannot make an additional assignment mandatory.  I thought I was offering enough extra credit to have more participants, but creating a database from scratch must have been too much of a hurdle for students.

This semester, Spring 2012, I plan to offer the extra credit a bit earlier in the semester for more student participation and perhaps give them a bit longer to turn in.  Hopefully that’ll boost participation!
One student even said they read the book prior to doing the assignment!

Would you incorporate future SAC Books of the Year into your curriculum? Yes
Additional Comments: Many thanks to Yolanda for putting the Book of the Year projects together.  They add a depth and community feel to our coursework.  Thank you.
​"I try not to live in the past... but...sometimes the past
lives in me."