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School of Continuing Education

Course(s) (name and number):  Building Reading Skills I and II (44487 & 44490), Reading Proficiency Development (44485), Composition I and II (44459 &44460). The course numbers change every semester, the numbers I'm giving you are Spring 2011

Professor(s) who participated:  Laura Menendez

Number of students involved: 30

Method(s) used to incorporate work:  Reading Apprenticeship Skills, Last Lecture book, video, and chapter summaries. Group lessons. Steps in Writing activities.

Outcomes (end results):  "My Last Lecture" was a great activity, students had an opportunity to think about what is important to them in their lives and to understand that life can never be taken for granted. As they were building the necessary skills for Reading, they also had the freedom to answer the question; If you knew when is your time to go, what would be your last lecture to those you leave behind?

Your feelings regarding the process and the result of your activity: This was a specially emotional activity, students felt totally identified with the book because we will all die one day, and life goes by faster than we'd like it. Enjoying and giving it your best at every shot is all we can do. One of my students left the activity because her own father was fighting cancer. I am very satisfied with the outcome

Will you be using the lecture, or the book in your classes again this Spring ’11 semester? If so, would it be in the same manner or differently than last semester? Every semester we get new students and because we are an open entry open exit program it's a challenge to follow up with everybody. However, students are with me through all their High School, I would use the same activity with the new students and I would adapt it for the ones who already saw it last semester.

Sample Student Work --  Activity “My Last Lecture”


"​We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."