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Library and Information Studies 100 (Fall 2010)

Course involved:  Library and Information Studies 100 (2 sections)

Professor who participated:  Luis Pedroza

Number of students involved:  44 students

Method(s) used to incorporate work: Students were asked to view the lecture and to write a “thought piece” about their childhood dreams, and how they hoped to achieve them. They were to also include dreams they had already made a reality. Students were to also write about who in their paths had motivated them, and how they had done so.  Students were invited to share and discuss what they had written with the class.

Faculty feelings regarding the process and the result of activity: "I found the assignment to be extremely worthwhile. It was a good way to connect students of my classes with a bigger goal of the college. I told students that other professors of the college were also using the same book for a variety of assignments, and one student mentioned that it was wonderful for her to know that this “motivation” was going around through the entire college. This made me feel as if we were able to do something beyond the course material. It really felt as if we were some sort of “community”. It was a real treat to read and hear about students’ motivations related to life and learning; as well as their hopes for themselves and their families."

Will you be using the lecture or the book in your class(es) again this Spring 2011 semester? "The same assignment will be used for the Spring 2011 semester."
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