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Santa Ana College

Study Skills Courses

These Study Skills courses are open to all registered SAC students. 

Study Skills 091, Effective Study Techniques (1.0 unit; Pass/No Pass Only)
A short-term course designed to teach effective college study skills. Topics include time management, textbook study, lecture note taking, test taking strategies, exam preparation.  May be repeated.
Study Skills 109, College Learning Skills (3.0 units)
This course provides effective success strategies to enhance student self-development, academic and lifelong learning skills for the college student. The techniques include: values, goal-setting, dealing with money, stress management, diversity, motivation, health, and time management.  Students learn personal growth methods and develop strategies to effectively deal with issues to ensure personal, educational, and career success.
NOTE:  Students should also check the Class Schedule for Counseling (CNSL) course offerings that meet their personal development, career exploration, transfer research or learning skills development interests.
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Our office is located in the Johnson Center, Building U-101 for drop-in information.