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Most Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the best way to contact the program coordinator? 
Through email.  The coordinator of the SLPA program is also an Associate Professor so job responsibilities also include teaching and on campus/off campus obligations.  In addition, due to the budget cuts, there is currently no administrative support in the department to be able to answer your phone calls.
2. Does the SLPA program at Santa Ana College require an application prior to taking coursework. 
No, the SLPA program is open enrollment. If you apply to SAC and are admitted, you are free to take coursework in the area of SLPA.  Please see Suggested Sequence of Coursework for possible educational plan.
3.  Do I have to wait until the Fall semester to begin coursework
No, at this time students are able to begin coursework in either the Fall or Spring semesters; however, please be advised that we currently have some coursework that is only offered in the Fall or in the Spring.  At this time Fall only courses include SLPA 119 and Speech 170 and Spring only coursework is SLPA 200. Please check Webadvisor ( for most up to date information regarding class offerings.
4.  I need transcripts reviewed, what do I do? 
You will need to apply to Santa Ana College to obtain a student ID number.  Once you have obtained your ID number, please contact the counseling department at 714-564-6100 to make an appointment to have your transcripts reviewed.  You can then contact the program coordinator for further assistance regarding the SLPA program.
5.  I have an AA and/or a BA in another major do I still need to complete the GE requirements.
Possibly. Just because a student has completed an AA or BA degree does not mean that GE requirements will have been automatically met.  Transcripts will need to be reviewed to determine course equivalencies.  Please review coursework listed on the website and then make an appointment with academic counseling for an official review.
6. I am interested in becoming an SLPA and am wondering what other local schools offer the program
Orange Coast College; Cerritos College; Pasadena City College.
7. I have a BA in Communicative Disorders and am interested in becoming an SLPA, what do I do? 
With regard to becoming an SLPA, following the completion of a BA in communication disorders or its equivalency, the SLPAB of California requires that you complete a minimum of 70 hours of a Fieldwork experience ( At this time, due to the impaction of the program here at Santa Ana College, you would be required to meet all coursework requirements within the program, not just Fieldwork. I would encourage interested students to inquire at the other schools that offer an SLPA program regarding their requirements and their availability: Orange Coast College, Cerritos College, Pasadena City College.  At this time, the quickest option I know of for BA students to complete the State requirement of Fieldwork is through CSU, Northridge. In the Fall of 2010 they began a distance education program specifically for Post-Bachelor’s students. It is a 12 week program that includes 20 hours of online learning and 80 hours of on-site clinical practicum training in a speech language pathology setting. Their website is and their telephone number is 818-677-3332.
8.  What are current fees at Santa Ana College?
The current Enrollment Fee is $36.00 per unit with no maximum.  Payment is required of all students upon registering for classes and this fee is subject to change. 
9.  Does the SLPA program offer on-line courses?
At this time, the SLPA program at Santa Ana College does not offer any on-line course offerings.  You may contact San Joaquin Delta College located in Northern California.  They have provided on-line course offerings for SLPA in the past.