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Dr. Mary FunaokaI Like to Move It, Move ItLearn five strategies to get students walking and talking culture and diversity in the classroom!A
Dr. Mathew BarnettGroup Collaboration and Dialogue: Strategies for Planning and Using Academic Dialogue in your ClassroomIf everything works, then why not do what works best? Discover how to plan lessons so your students learn and you can support them when they have challenges.  This workshop will also address instructional strategies that encourage managed, scholarly dialogues and promote understanding and academic excellence.A
Dr. Melinda PiersonChange the World!  Be a Special Educator!Hear how you can make an impact on our community by becoming a special education teacher! Learn about the pathways to becoming a special educator, as well as some great information about fulfilling this dream of making a difference in our community.A
Mrs. Maggie MaberyTablet Invasion in the ClassroomTablets are invading K-12 classrooms! This workshop will provide resources for using tablet technology in a classroom setting. Learn how tablet technology provides an easy platform for differentiating lessons and witness how student engagement increases with the use of tablets in the classroom.E/I/HS/SE
Mrs. Mary NguyenFrom Chaos to CalmDiscover simple activities to keep your students engaged so you can teach effectively! Learn tricks and strategies for classroom management, lesson planning, and brain breaks that will set the tone for a positive learning environment.E
Mrs. Olga CammerEngineering Design ProcessCome explore the Engineering part of STEM! The Engineering Design Process is a series of steps engineering teams use to come up with solutions to problems. Participate in the process and take back ideas you can use in the classroom.E/I
Mrs. Shauhna FeitlinGetting To The Core of MathematicsThe goal of the Common Core Standards for Mathematics is to achieve greater focus and coherence in the curriculum while applying concepts in real world situations. This shift requires a different style of instruction than what we've come to know as "sit and get." Come find out about this new style of facilitating learning in the area of mathematics!A
Dr. Janice Myck-WayneExploring the World of Early Childhood Special EducationLearn how you can make a difference in the field of Early Childhood Special Education. Discover pathways to obtaining a credential, learn about the types of position available, and recognize the positive impact you'll make on the lives of others.P/SE
Dr. Mary FunaokaI Like to Move It, Move ItLearn five strategies to get students walking and talking culture and diversity in the classroom!A
Dr. Mathew BarnettLanding a Teaching Position: Nailing Your Interview!Getting your foot in the door can be a big challenge! You might have made it through the paper screening, but now what? Learn how to nail your interview using tips and tricks that will give you the advantage.A
Dr. Melinda PiersonActive Engagement Strategies for All LearnersLearn some dynamic, impactful strategies that will actively engage all learners in your content. Walk away with at least 25 new techniques to use in any classroom!A
Mrs. Maggie MaberyTablet Invasion in the ClassroomTablets are invading K-12 classrooms! This workshop will provide resources for using tablet technology in a classroom setting. Learn how tablet technology provides an easy platform for differentiating lessons and witness how student engagement increases with the use of tablets in the classroom.E/I/HS/SE
Mrs. Mary NguyenWork Smarter, Not Harder with Google DriveWhat's so great about Google Drive? Take this beginner's crash course on Google Classroom and Google Drive and learn some basic Google features to help with workflow, collaboration, and research for both teachers and students!E
Mrs. Shauhna FeitlinLet's Talk NumbersNumber Strings/Talks provide students opportunities to dig deeper into number sense by constructing big ideas about mathematics and building their own solution strategies. Students communicate their thinking when presenting and justify solutions to problems they solve mentally. Come learn about this amazing method combining computation with communication!E/I/SE
Dr. Kathryn Glasswell & Dr. Erica Bowers Using Picture Books to Explore Critical Thinking in Elementary/Middle School ClassroomsDiscover the power that picture books possess in promoting students' critical literacy! This workshop will share ways in which picture books can be used to explore different elements of critical literacy that encourage readers to think beyond the text.P/E/I/SE
Dr. Trudy NamanWeb 2.0Explore how web-based programs can be used to make education engaging, exciting, and effective! Through this hands-on computer workshop, participants will have an opportunity to engage in online educational programs such as Animoto, Voki, and Prezi. A
Mr. Richard Woo & Mr. John BerkleyCoding Pathway Thru RoboticsTeaching kids to code should go hand in hand with reading, writing, and arithmetic. The strive toward innovation makes it imperative that more students take an interest in and learn to code. Discover how coding becomes less abstract when students are asked to control a physical robot. By seeing what goes wrong, students come to understand the need for precise instructions and learn what robots can and can't do.E/I/HS
Mrs. Kristine QuinnMusic in the ClassroomLearn how to integrate music into the daily curriculum and discover routines to enhance learning, engage students, and add fun to your day!P/E
Mrs. Marsha Johnson & Mrs. Teresa AceroScience Notebooking for K-3 ClassroomsThis workshop focuses on science notebooking for primary classes using "Engineering is Elementary" as a resource. Participants will create a sample science notebook and learn how to format the notebooks as a model for classroom use.E
Ms. Alyson HoberechtPOSITIVE Classroom Management and Discipline Strategies: Balance Consequences with CareStudents take on the characteristics of the teacher they are with each day! Through a high-energy, interactive method, you will be exposed to multiple positive classroom management strategies and discipline techniques. Come learn to effectively and consistently balance consequences with care within your classrooms and schools. Time management challenges will be addressed along with community-building ideas and discipline techniques that can be implemented throughout the school year.A
Ms. Caren BautistaPathways to TeachingCan I major in Education? Not in California... So how do I prepare to teach elementary school, middle school, high school, or special education? This workshop will focus on the California teacher preparation pathways available to all undergraduate students.A
Mr. Julio FloresDual Immersion 101 (Bilingual Education)With a rise in Dual Immersion programs in Orange County, the job market for Dual Immersion teachers looks promising. This workshop will focus on the 5 W's (who, what, where, when, and why) of Dual Immersion Programs. Learn what a Dual Immersion Classroom looks like and how the responsibilities of a Dual Immersion Teacher differ from that of a regular classroom teacher.P/E/I
Mrs. Nancy MikhailAppealing to Different LearnersDiscover activities you can do with your students to help them learn and reach their maximum potential! This workshop will discuss different types of learners (e.g., visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) and how educators can create the most fitting lesson plans for each type of learner.A
Ms. Alyson HoberechtInspire a POSITIVE Growth Mindset in Yourself and Your Students  What is a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset, and how does it directly relate to the Common Core standards? Come investigate your own mindset and how it affects your teaching and your student's learning. Experience powerful videos, interactive activities, annotated note-taking strategies, and quality questioning techniques that you can use now and for the rest of your career. Inspire your students to persevere through rigorous challenges and enjoy the discovery and learning process. A
Ms. Caren BautistaWhat to Expect When You Are Testing: CBEST and CSET FAQ'sThe teaching preparation pathway includes the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) and the California Subject Exam for Teachers (CSET). Find out what you need to know and discover resources to help you get prepared!A
Ms. Joy CordiaMarketing Yourself to Land a Teaching PositionThe current teaching job market is competitive, and the application process can seem very complicated. In this workshop, participants will learn about the typical application process and how to prepare to apply for a teaching position. Hear, from a school administrator's perspective, what makes one application stand out over the others!A
Ms. Susie ValdezWorking with Young Children: Careers and PathwaysWant to work with young children from infants to early childhood (ages 0-8)? This workshop will discuss the many exciting career choices in early childhood education. Participants will be informed about valuable career pathways and will become equipped with tips and tools for building your resume and getting that ideal teaching position of your dreams!P/E/SE
Panel of Tea​chersTeachers Tell It All: New and Veteran Teachers PanelListen as new and veteran teachers share their classroom joys and challenges. Discover the things they wish they had known before their first day of teaching. Participants will gain insight into the classroom and receive helpful information about the responsibilities and unexpected realities of teaching today.


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