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Frequently Asked Questions


When can I begin to apply to the college? 

Classes begin throughout the semester at Santa Ana College. An application is required for every NEW student. Former students who are returning after an absence of one full semesters or longer must also complete an application prior to registering for a class. The initial application date for each semester is as follows:

​Summer ​April 1st
​Fall Semester ​April 1st
​Spring Semester ​November 1st
For more information, click on: Admission to the College
How do I get an application?
​How do I get an application for an international student (F-1)? 
Application forms for international students are available at the International Student Center on the Santa Ana College campus.  Please call (714) 564-6047.
Applications can also be downloaded from the International Student Center's Web site.
Can I apply online to Santa Ana College?  
YES! The Online Application is available for Spring on November 1st and April 1st for Summer and Fall.
Use the "Apply" link at:


When do classes begin?
There are many variety of short and long term classes offered at Santa Ana College. Examples include: first eight weeks of the semester; second eight weeks of the semester; and quick study classes (six weekends in a row).
Full semester, summer, and intersession courses begin:

​​SPRING 2014​ February 10, 2014
SUMMER 2014 June 16, 2014
FALL 2013 August 26, 2013
For more information, click on: Admission to the College


Can I have a College Catalog mailed to me?
Contact the Bookstore at 564-6435. The cost is $5 for the catalog to be mailed and $3 when purchased at the Bookstore.
To view the RSCCD College Catalog, click here.
When are the schedules available for each semester? 

The class schedule for each semester appears on the college web site at  and is available approximately 3 months prior to the semester start date. 
All students can obtain a PRINTED class schedule at the SAC campus bookstore.
To view the SAC schedule, click here.
How does a new student get a registration date?
New students receive an appointment to register online after an application is submitted. Check online viaWebadvisor on the student menu under Registration "View Online Registration Date".  
For more information, click on: Registration Information
How is registration completed? 
Registration can be completed online at via Webadvisor at the student's scheduled appointment date and time, or at any time after the appointment time.  Contact the Admissions Office to answer questions about registration.  Call 564-6005 (SAC) to talk to an Admissions staff member.
Mail in registrations are NOT ACCEPTED.
For more information, click on: Registration Information



There are two types of transcripts: OFFICIAL and UNOFFICIAL. An unofficial copy can be obtained from the Webadvisor. Look for the Transcript tab on the main menu. 
All requests sent from the Admissions Office are OFFICIAL transcripts. Once the envelope is opened and reviewed by you, it becomes an UNOFFICIAL copy.
How can I request a transcript?  
 There are 3 ways to requests an official transcript: in person, by mail, or via the Santa Ana College website (see the Transcript Requests hyperlink below).
For information on how to request an official transcript online using a credit card, click on: Transcript Requests
All transcript requests require a written signature.
A copy of a transcript  can be obtained by mailing in a request. To download a transcript request form from the college web site, go to SAC Admissions, Go to FORMS.  Complete two copies of this form, send the appropriate payment, and mail to either college:
                 SANTA ANA COLLEGE     
                 ATTN: TRANSCRIPTS     
                 1530 WEST 17TH ST.
                 SANTA ANA, CA 92706        
If you are unable to download this form, send a handwritten request to the above address. Be sure to include:  
      • formal name, 
      • maiden name, 
      • social security number or student number, 
      • date of birth, 
      • dates of attendance at Santa Ana College, 
      • how many copies you need to have sent, and 
      • the address of the place/person where you would like the transcript sent,
      • your signature on the request.
Transcripts can be sent to your home address so that the OFFICIAL copy can be hand-carried to another school.
What is the fee charged  for a transcript?
The FIRST TWO COPIES EVER ordered are FREE, these copies must be requested in person. 
Free copies CANNOT be requested using the online service. 
An express request can be mailed within one business day, the cost is $8 per copy via U.S. Mail.
A non-express request can be mailed within 7-10 business days, the cost is $3 per copy via U.S. Mail.
For more information, click on: Transcript Requests
I need transcripts from all of my colleges.  Can I get them from Santa Ana College?
NO! Santa Ana College will only provide a transcript of courses from schools within the Rancho Santiago Community College District—which includes Santa Ana and Santiago Canyon.
For more information, click on: Transcript Requests
Who can I call to follow up on my transcript request? 

Call the Admissions Office at (714) 564-6005 for Santa Ana College.
For more information, click on: Transcript Requests


Students who register online can also pay online with a credit card. 
Where can I find information on fee payment and refunds? 
See the Class Schedule for detailed information on fee payment or check the course description via Webadvisor.
For more information, click on: Tuition and Fees


Do I need to provide transcripts from the school I previously attended?  When do I do this?
After you apply, you should have copies of your college courses sent to the Admissions Office. It is suggested that an appointment be made to meet with a Counselor to review past transcripts and to make an educational plan for your future classes at Santa Ana.


How do I get a copy of my Associates Degree?
Click here to view the Graduation webpage and find the appropriate form. For additional information contact the Graduation Office at Santa Ana (714) 564-6052.
Santa Ana College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, 10 Commercial Blvd., Suite 204, Novato, CA 94949, (415) 506-0234, an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. Additional information about accreditation, including the filing of complaints against member institutions, can be found at: