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Planning and Budget Committee

The Santa Ana Planning and Budget Committee meetings are held the 1st Tuesday of each month, 1:30-3:00pm in the SAC Foundation Board Room (S-215)​ ​ ​ ​

2011-2012 Membership and Meeting Dates

​Jim Kennedy Adminstrative Services, Co-Chair ​Jeff McMillan, Faculty Co-Chair FALL 2012 SPRING 2013
​Linda Rose (Admin) ​Sara Lundquisit (Admin) July 3rd January 1st
Bart Hoffman (alternate) ​Steve Bautista (Fac) ​August 7th ​February 5th
​Matt Beyersdor (Fac) ​Ray Hicks (Fac) September 4th ​March 5th
​Elliot Jones (Fac) ​Monica Porter (Fac) ​October 2nd ​April 2nd
​George Wright (Fac) ​John Zarske (Fac) ​November 6th ​May 7th
​Michael Kelcher (Fac) ​Tom Andrews (CSEA) ​December 4th ​June 4th
​Judy Arroyo (CSEA) ​Vacant (CSEA)
​Vacant (CSEA) Fernando Antunez (ASG)