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 Rob Jenkins
Professional Development Coordinator
Office: CEC F-115-1
Phone: (714)  241 - 5764
School Webpage: Rob's School Web Page
 Maureen Saunders
Staff Development Assistant
Phone: (714) 241-5713


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134 teachers attended the keynote with Neil Anderson.


Don't forget fall flex is due by December 1 and 

spring flex by May 1! 

Faculty Development

The Faculty Development Program is a diverse series of activities to help advance your skills in instruction to better meet the needs of your students.  We hope that all faculty adopt a philosophy of ongoing growth and development to further enhance their performance in the classroom.  Besides traditional workshops that we offer extensively during "flex" weeks" in both spring and fall, we offer specialized certificates1, reflection tools2, online courses and workshops4, and other possible activities.

A flex handbook6 is developed every semester to provide direction in completing the flex agreement7 for most faculty following the established policies8.  We also maintain an event calendar9 to further help faculty during the semester.

Our next big project is the development of a Professional Learning Community3.  We will involve 30 teachers and pay them to work up to 18 hours during the 2013-2014 year.  PLC meetings are open to anyone and everyone.  We are currently focusing on ESL and Listening, but there is something for everyone.


Don't forget fall flex is due by December 1 and
spring flex by May 1!