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Athletic Training Health Screening Forms




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​All student-athletes are required to fill out Athletic Training Health Screening Forms prior to competing at Santa Ana College. Please follow the instructions below to electronically fill out the form.

1. Save the PDF file of the form that applies to you below (new student athlete or returning student athlete).
2. Electronically fill out the form, completing all fields that pertain to you.
3. Once the form is completed, save the form as a PDF by clicking the "Save as PDF" button located on the bottom of page 11 on the returning student athlete form or at the bottom of page 12 of the new student athlete form and use YOUR NAME as the file name, example; Smith_John.pdf.
4. Email the saved file to the coach of the sport you are competing in. Email addresses for each coach can be found below.

Save one of the following files. The NewStudents file is for any student-athlete that HAS NOT competed at Santa Ana College. The ReturningStudents file is for any student-athlere that HAS competed at Santa Ana College.



Sport​ ​Coach's Email​
​Men's Basketball
​Women's Basketball
​Men's and Women's Cross Country
​Men's Soccer
​Women's Soccer
​Men's Swimming/Water Polo
​Women's Swimming/Water Polo
​Men's and Women's Track & Field


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