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Adapted KinesiologyFaculty

Health and Physical Education: Adapted Kinesiology

The mission of the Health & Physical Education program is to prepare students for lifelong health and wellness and Kinesiology majors for academic pursuits and careers in Health, Fitness, and Sport related industries.  We empower all students with the knowledge to discriminate between healthy and unhealthy lifestyle choices as well as competence in many and proficiency in a few movement-based skills.  We encourage students to explore the personal challenge, self-expression, and social interaction benefits associated with regular physical activity.  The SAC Adapted Kinesiology mission is to foster the development of knowledge and skills that enable people with disabilities and chronic diseases to exercise safely, appropriately, and independently as possible.  We increase student learning and achievement by delivering innovative accommodations and instructional strategies.  We value partnerships with students, campus programs, and the community which support the achievement of our long-term goals;
  1. Provide an access point to the college for community members with disabilities who are seeking a general education, job retraining, and basic skills development.

  2. Engage students in building physical strength and endurance necessary for full-time college attendance & employment.

  3. Provide movement experiences which aid student’s pursuit in mastery of the institutional core competencies.

  4. Promote exercise self-efficacy and personal health responsibility.

  5. Teach students the knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to adapt a variety of exercises to meet their current and future fitness needs.

  6. Deliver safe and appropriate health and fitness information.

  7. Promote Universal Design Learning (UDL) principles and practices within the Santa Ana College Kinesiology program and the surrounding community.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes:
  1. Students will be able to express the relationship between personal health and engaging in regular exercise.
  2. Students will be competent at performing a variety of health-related fitness activities. 
  3. Students will be able to utilize sport and fitness-specific exercise cues to select activities and make performance adjustments.
  4. Students will monitor and modify their exrecise intensity to exercise safely and effectively according to their abilities.

 Course Level Student Learning Outcomes (sample syllabus provided): 


​Dr. Brian Sos (714) 564-6909

Office: SAC W-105

We adapt each class by setting individualized goals & fitness plans for students with disabilities.


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