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Adapted Kinesiology Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Adapted Kinesiology?  Great workouts at your own pace and intensity.  Instruction in adapting workouts to your abilities.  Individualized Exercise Programs (IEPs) designed to help students overcome barriers to their personal and professional success.

Who should participate in Adapted Kinesiology?  Anyone with a disability or chronic condition seeking to engage in physical activity.  Contact Dr. Brian Sos for specific questions regarding the programs ability to help you achieve your goals.

What are the benefits of enrolling in Adapted Kinesiology courses?  The answer depends upon the class you choose?   Each family of courses will  have a different emphasis (such as cardiovascular conditioning) that drives the curriculum.  However, students will have an Individualized Exercise Program designed to teach the student how to adapt the curriculum to their specific abilities and goals.  In general, all students can expect; 1. To learn concepts and strategies that promote lifelong exercise independence,  2. Develop strength and endurance that helps with full-time college attendance & or employment,  3. Build relationships that support the achievement of their personal goals, 4. Learn best practices and contra-indications for exercise based upon your health history and personal goals, 5. Rejuvenate your body and improve your quality of life, 6. Be surrounded by inspirational people who are working hard and supporting each other.

Does the program have specialized adaptive equipment?  While we currently have a limited selection of specialized equipment, we just acquired a SCIFIT PRO 1 arm crank and a Flexerciser for cardiovascular training.  Moreover, we are very excited about the 1,500 square foot dedicated space and the Universal Design plan that is taking shape.   We tend focus on creative use of low-cost highly adaptable equipment that facilitates transfer of learning to home-based exercise.

​Lucrecia..."adapted circuit training changed my view of exercise and what I am capable of doing given my physical condition"

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