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March 2014​


A Solar Diamond Ring

During a solar eclipse, just before the Moon completely blocks the Sun's light, a dazzling flash occurs along one edge of the sun. This flare up makes the darkened Sun take on the appearance of a diamond ring. Talk about flashing your bling!  

What’s in the Sky in March    

Venus shines like a beacon in the predawn eastern sky. It will even be visible as the sun comes up.
Mars will be visible low in the western sky during early morning hours. Look for its reddish disk.
Jupiter will appear high in the eastern sky after sunset and will cross westward as the night progresses. Jupiter will be the brightest object high in the east.
The constellation of Orion (look for a large hourglass) dominates the night sky all month. The bright star to the lower left of Orion is Sirius the dog star.

New Moon:  New Moon:   30th
Full Moon: 16th