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See Our Interactive Astronomy Shows​

Join us on the campus of Santa Ana College for one of our six interactive astronomy shows and discover the wonders of the universe.  All our shows contain information about the latest discoveries in astronomy and science. Our new LCD projectors allow us to display new images from spacecrafts and the Hubble telescope in our shows as quickly as they are released to the public.
Our programs stress the K-12 State of California Science Content Standards. 
Each of our one-hour shows take attendees on a trip through the Solar System and beyond. 
The principles of scientific method, gravity and the importance of the Sun are stressed through interactive programs coupled with lively question and answer sessions. 
$6.00 per seat weekdays
$7.00 per seat Saturdays and Evenings
$7.00 per seat for "America in Space"
and the "The Star of Bethlehem."
Space is limited, reservations required!
Selected dates are available all year long.  Also, ask about our Saturday shows--perfect for the whole family, birthday parties, seniors, scout troops, YMCA and clubs. Call for schedule.

Reservations & Information:

Call (714) 564-6356   Call Monday through Thursday between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

If there's no answer, leave a message.  We do return your calls!
"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."  
                                      -Carl Sagan

"How Rare is Earth?"

Dr. Eastmond, our Planetarium Director, presents an engaging introduction of physical concepts used in astronomy.  Take a tour of our Solar System and learn to appreciate how rare the conditions are on our planet. $6 per seat.



"The Star of Bethlehem"

Each December, Dr. Eastmond presents a special Holiday show. Take trip through time to see how the sky looked 2000 years ago.  A must see!
$7 per seat.

"Where are You?"

Lift off with Sheryl Johnson and Dawn-Ellen Cross and travel across our magnificent Solar System and Galaxy. Discover our own unique place and address in the universe. $6 per seat. Not available at this time.

"What is a Black Hole?"

Sheryl Johnson explores the most exotic events in the cosmos: black holes, pulsars, supernovas and wormholes. Experience the most extreme forces in the universe as you cross the event horizon of a black hole and become "spaghettified!" $6 per seat. Not available at this time.
"America in Space"
"Dinosaurs became extinct because they didn't have a space program."   
- Larry Niven
The living history and legacy of the United States NASA Space program. This show will take bookings for weekday, evening and Saturdays shows.  Please contact our reservationist for more information. $7 per seat.

 "Can You See in the Dark?"

 Watch as a city cousin visits his cousin in the country - and sees the  night  
 sky like he's never seen it before. The cousins share a trip across the 
 solar system. A shorter show structured for the sensibilities and attention 
 span of younger children. Designed by a former preschool teacher who 
 explored astronomical concepts with his classes. Please no children 
 under 5. Special $3 price.

"How Far is Up?" 

Bob Menn takes students in search of the answer to the deceptively simple question, “How far is up?” Visit the planets of the Solar System, our Milky Way Galaxy and the limits of our Universe.  $6 per seat.