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RN Refresher Course Information

​RN Refresher Information
The RN Refresher course at Santa Ana College is an independent study course offered through the Health Science Skills lab. In order to participate, students must:
  • Be licensed as an RN to practice nursing in the United States (license may be active or inactive) 
  • Apply to become a student at Santa Ana College – applications may be completed online or in-person. The website is 
  • Participate in a one hour orientation to the course and tour of the Health Science Skills Lab before you register for the course.  Orientation will take place in R-203-A in the Russell Hall Building on the Santa Ana College Campus. Please RSVP at .  (Santa Ana College is located at 1530 West 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA.
  • Orientation sessions for Spring 2014 will occur on  Mondays at 1400 beginning February 24 through  April 14th.  You only need to attend one orientation session.  Once attended, the student will receive a registration add code. 
  • Registration for the Health Science Skills Lab (0.5 Units) may be completed the same day as the orientation to the course.  Once registered, RN Refresher students may then access all of the instructional media in the Skills Lab which includes over 300 videos/DVD’s, a 32 station computer lab, mid-fidelity manikins to practice skills/case scenarios, and hi-fidelity manikins for instructor-guided simulation.  Learning Modules are available to guide students through the instructional media.  Students may review instructional media of choice in areas of self-identified interest/weakness.  There are no organized lectures or clinical preceptorships/internships offered.

  • NOTE: This is a self-guided course of study. The lab staff is available to assist with guiding the student through his/her plan of study. Students must complete 24 hours of directed learning activities to receive a passing grade for the Health Science Skills Lab course. However, students will complete a variable amount of hours for the RN Refresher Program.  There is no set number of hours. The number of hours will be dependent on the student’s program plan, the experience level of the student as a nurse, the length of time out of clinical practice, the length of time in clinical practice. The number of hours completed (for the RN Refresher Program) is left up to the discretion of the student.
  • Students may participate in a psychomotor skills practice session (this is optional).  One four-hour session will be available specifically for the RN-Refresher students for review and practice of basic nursing psychomotor skills (foley catheter, NG tube, IV insertion, suctioning, trach care, injections, etc). For the Spring 2014 semester is Tuesday, May 13th from 0900-1300 (RN Refresher students may participate in other skills sessions as well, alongside the nursing students. However, this particular session is designated only for RN Refresher students) Simulation scenarios utilizing hi-fidelity manikins will also be included with the skills practice session.  
  • Cost of the Health Science Skills Lab course (0.5 units) includes registration fee ($23.00), health fee (~$18.00), parking fee (~$30.00 for semester or $2.00 per day), and Nurse Pack fee (approximately $40.00) These fees are subject to change.
  • The Skills Lab is open approximately 35 hours per week and RN refresher students may access the lab anytime during the open hours.  Calendars will be published monthly.  Registration for this course may occur anytime during weeks 3 through 10 of the semester.  A registration add code will be provided at time of the orientation.
  • A letter will be generated on school letterhead at the end of the student’s course of study, detailing instructional media reviewed, hours spent in the lab, and participation in the skills review session/seminars.  This letter may then be presented to a potential employer.  No CEU’s are awarded for this course per BRN regulation. 


The orientation session will discuss the program in more detail and answer any unresolved questions.  If you have any further questions prior to the orientation, please email Mary Steckler, Skills Lab Coordinator at 


 Webpage Updated 3/20/2014​​