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SAC Chemistry Faculty

 Full-Time Faculty


 Crystal Jenkins

      Office: R-314-2

     Phone: 714-564-6635

Courses:          Chemistry 115, Chemistry 209, Chemistry 219 and Chemistry 229


Education:        M.S. Chemistry (Organic), California State University, Long Beach, CA

                          M.S. Biomedical Engineering, University of California, San Diego, CA

                          B.S. Biomedical Engineering, University of California, San Diego, CA

M Kelcher.JPG

Michael Kelcher

      Office: R-320

      Phone: 714-564-6627

Courses:             Chemistry 109,  Chemistry 209, Chemistry 219, Chemistry 229,


Dr. Jeff McMillan

      Office: R-304

      Phone: 714-564-6624

Courses:          Chemistry 209, Chemistry 219 and  Chemistry 229


W Nguyen.JPG

Dr. William Nguyen

      Office: R-328-1

      Phone: 714-564-6686

Courses:            Chemistry 219, Chemistry 249 and Chemistry 259


T Yamada.jpg


Dr. Ted Yamada

      Office: R-322

      Phone: 714-564-6631

Courses:            Chemistry 249 and Chemistry 259



Part-Time Faculty

B Edinger.JPG

William Edinger


 Courses:           Chemistry 209                                                                             


Shell Joe.JPG
Shelley Joe

Courses:            Chemistry 119


B Moore.JPG
Dr. Barbara Moore

Courses:            Chemistry 209



Part-Time Faculty Not Pictured


Mario Robles    (Chemistry 209)


Lisa Visco (Chemistry 209)