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Sample Registration Work Sheet


13th Grade​ ​
First Semester​ ​Second Semester
Speech Communication 101 or 145
Biology 239 (General Human Anatomy)
Biology 229 (General Microbiology)
Alternate: Job shadowing​
English 101
Psychology 100
Biology 249 (Human Physiology)
Accounting 104 (Taxes)
Alternate: Summer School
14th Grade​ ​
First Semester​ ​Second Semester
Geography 101
Nursing-R 101
Nursing-R 101 L
Nursing-R 103
Alternate: Internship​

Computer Science 100
Philosophy 112
Nursing-R 102
Nursing-R 102L
Alternate: Internship​

15th Grade​ ​
First Semester​ ​Second Semester
Sociology 100
Nursing-R 201
Nursing-R 201 L​
Nursing-R 202
Nursing-R 202L

Student must take DTLS and math level II showing a minimum score of 26.
See  Course Catalog for alternative General Education course choices.
Note to students:  This is a RSCCD sample registration plan. See a RSCCD Counselor before registration.