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Criminal Justice Academies

The Criminal Justice Academies at Santa Ana College has one of the finest reputations for law enforcement training in the nation.  This is an extremely difficult and trying six months of instruction which test recruits in every way imaginable. 
The college has been affiliated with the Orange County Sheriff's Department since 1970 and provides training not only in the Basic Academy but also in many other advanced officer training classes.
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The academy is certified by the Peace Officer Standards on Training (POST) to provide the required 664 hours of training to be considered as a California Law Enforcement Officer. Along with those minimum standards are additional requirements of various law enforcement agencies in Orange County, which bring the total training time to approximately 960 hours.
Three to five Academy classes are normally conducted during the calendar year, with an average class size of 40 recruits, the majority of who are already hired and sponsored by an agency. As a non-sponsored recruit, or as commonly referred to as an "Independent", each individual receives exactly the same level of instruction as anyone else in an academy class.
The cost for independent recruits ranges from $6,500 -7,500 depending on the type of uniforms selected. A detailed list will be provided to individuals on their first visit to the CJA office.
Individuals who are considering going into the basic academy as independents will have to be approved into the program. To start your screening process, contact any member of the criminal justice academies office at 714 566-9200 to set up an appointment with Mr. John Finch, Criminal Justice Academies Coordinator.
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