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English and ESL Faculty


Full-time Faculty


Temporary Offices in The Village
While Dunlap Hall is under construction, you can find full-time English and ESL faculty offices in The Village, located next to the I building.  Specific office numbers are listed below.

​Name ​Office ​Extension ​E-mail Address
​Axtell, Christina VL-211-11
Bassett, Dana​ VL-211-9 ​46525

Bennett, Gary​ VL-210-11 ​46553

*Beyersdorf, Matt​ ​VL-210-5 ​46538

Brandon, Kelly​ VL-210-8 ​46551

Diller, Jeffrey ​VL-210-10 46511​​
Dwyer, Dalva​ ​VL-211-7 ​46159

*​Hassel, Elissa VL-210-10 ​46513

​Hicks, Ray VL-211-7 ​46510

​Higgins, Mark ​VL-210-8 ​46506

​Jaros, Bonita A-101 ​46989

​Keith, Katharine ​VL-211-10 ​46580

​Lewis, Michael ​VL-211-10 ​45636

​Martinez, Donato VL-210-9 ​46547

​Mowrer, Melanie VL-108-7 ​46522

​Mitzner, Rita ​VL-211-9 ​46537

​Patterson, Kathy ​VL-211-4 ​46528

​Ramshaw, Chuck ​VL-210-6 ​46342

Rocke, Brandon​ ​VL-210-5 46535​​​
Simmons, Kathleen​ ​VL-108-8 ​46523

​Sosta, Rachel ​VL-211-11 ​46566

​Tran, Melissa​​ ​VL-210-11 ​45775

​* Denotes Department Chair


To contact part-time faculty members, call the Humanities and Social Sciences Division Office at (714)564-6500 or email the instructor directly.


Page last updated: 8-17-14