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Online Orientation Information

  1. Logon to Blackboard,  you will see on your Blackboard homepage

    My Organizations

  2. Scroll up and down on the homepage. If you do not see "My Organizations" and you see a "blue" Santiago Canyon College banner, please contact the Distance Education office, and we will make the SAC Organizations available for you to view.

  3. Begin at "Start Here!" and take the Prepare, Progress, Practice, and Prove modules where you will:
    • Learn about your learning style and how to apply it to online learning
    • Take an online readiness quiz as a self-assessment on necessary technology skills
    • Learn about netiquette and time management skills
    • Determine if you have unrealistically high expectations
    • Practice in a Bb course, create a discussion board post, submit an assignment
    • After passing quizzes along the way, you will take a screenshot of your grade, "Pass".  Save this file.  Your instructor may request it in your online course.

    My Grades